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Our international surrogacy agency has programs with full warranty for heterosexual marriages in Ukraine y Georgia, for single men or couples of guys in Czech Republic and programs for single women in Greece.

Your dream, much closer

Surrogacy with Go4Baby

Mom & baby

Comprehensive advice

At Go4Baby we will be with you from start to finish, offering comprehensive advice throughout all stages of the surrogacy process.


We take care of every detail

Pregnant women play a crucial role during pregnancy. They will have the best care at all times in order to achieve the birth of a healthy baby.

Happy baby

Guaranteed programs

All-inclusive programs and unlimited attempts in the safest destinations to carry out a surrogacy process, guaranteeing a closed cost and no surprises.

Start a new life

Go4Baby has been making the dreams of many parents come true since 2015.
We collaborate with the best agencies and clinics abroad, always offering the safest destinations in surrogacy.

Safe destinations in surrogacy

Surrogacy for
heterosexual marriages

In both Ukraine and Georgia there are a number of requirements to be able to perform a surrogacy process, among which are:

Surrogacy for
heterosexual, gay and single couples

In Mexico City, Colombia and the Czech Republic, there are hardly any restrictions to carry out a surrogacy process. That is why more and more single men, gay couples and heterosexual couples married or not, choose one of these destinations to carry out the process. More information

Surrogacy for
single women and heterosexual couples

In Greece, both single women and heterosexual married couples will be able to perform a surrogacy procedure. Requirements:

Go4Baby's advantages and services

With you from start to finish

Happy marriage

We advise you

During the process


We organize

Transport and accommodation


We work

With the best clinics

Baby taking bottle

We fight

For your dream

Go4Baby testimonials and reviews

Álvaro and Mar

Dreams come true.
I would like to congratulate the Go4Baby team, whose people have been more than essential to make our dream come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart both for your human qualities and for your fantastic team in Ukraine.

Pablo and Susana

We still can't believe it
The chances we had to achieve pregnancy were really slim, since my husband had hepatitis B, plus his only chance was based on performing a testicular biopsy. Everything went perfectly.
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