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Our surrogacy agency has programs with full guarantee for heterosexual marriages in Ukraine and Georgia and for single men in Czech Republic and Mexico City.

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At Go4Baby we do not charge fees, and we will advise you throughout the entire process FREE OF CHARGE, even if you have contracted a program with any foreign agency.


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Surrogate mothers play a crucial role during pregnancy. They will have the best care at all times with the goal of achieving the birth of a healthy baby.

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Guaranteed programs

All-inclusive programs and unlimited attempts in Ukraine, Georgia, Czech Republic and Mexico City, which will guarantee a closed cost and no surprises.

Surrogacy countries

Kiev Downtown

Surrogacy in

The most popular destination for heterosexual marriages. With very explicit surrogacy legislation and excellent fertility clinics.

Tbilisi - Georgia

Surrogacy in

Similar to Ukraine also for heterosexual marriages, with greater agility in obtaining citizenship of the newborn.

Shopping center in Mexico

Surrogacy in
Mexico City

Since 2016, Mexico City has been a preferred destination for heterosexual marriages, boy couples and single men.

Old Town Christmas Square in Prague

Surrogacy in
Czech Republic

Special programs within Europe for boy couples and single men. Contracts are signed with Ukrainian pregnant women.


Heterosexual marriages

Both in Ukraine and Georgia there are a series of requirements to be able to perform a surrogacy process, among which are:


Singles and couples of boys

In Mexico City there are no restrictions to carry out a surrogacy process. Heterosexual couples, single men and gay couples can carry out the process.

In case we do not wish to leave Europe, we have programs for single men and couples with fertility treatment in Cyprus and birth in Czech Republic.

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Surrogacy for single men

Advantages of Mexico City: Mexico City does not have explicit legislation on surrogacy, but neither is there any prohibition for the processes

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