Use of mosquito repellents on children

Mosquitoes bite, they bite with great dissimulation… You will all remember the song and it is true that we never know when or where but we are bitten. The mosquitoes besides the annoying “granite” and as consequence the discomfort that it provokes in our children, also can be carriers of diverse illnesses and can cause …

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Parents happy for surrogacy in Ukraine

Our colleague Veronika, as always a great professional, has had the pleasure of accompanying one of our beloved marriages to maternity hospital number 5. Little A, is perfectly well and his parents are very happy to have met him. Congratulations!

New line of TenBabies programs

Surrogacy in prestigious clinics. As we commented, in this year 2019, and after 5 years of walking, we put in march definitively our line of programs TenBabies. These programs are 100% controlled through our team in Ukraine, with programs totally controlled by our own team and permanent in Ukraine, maintaining our line of programs in …

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Update on the situation of the consulate in Kiev

Today, February 19, the Spanish consulate in Kiev has announced through its official Facebook page, that it will proceed with the registration of babies belonging to the 39 families currently in Ukraine. Once the consulate finishes with these 39 cases, they have confirmed that there will be no new registrations, and that is why the …

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International Women’s Day – 8 March

International Women’s Day, also known as Working Women’s Day, is celebrated every March 8. A big hug especially to all those women who have been mothers and to all those who will be in the future.

Parents in Kiev helpless and unprotected by the Government

Angela and Daniel are a Segovian couple who resorted to surrogacy to fulfill their dream, and are now totally unprotected by a government that prevents the filiation of their daughter, Lucia. Our little girl gives us strength every morning to continue fighting for those rights to which she is entitled. Daniel Barroso and his wife, …

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Spanish babies trapped in Kiev

The Socialist Government of Pedro Sanchez, prevaricating as is customary in its executive, dictates an illegal instruction through which it condemns newborns for surrogacy in Ukraine to have no nationality, being children of Spaniards. This government condemns children who are unable to meet the Spanish vaccination schedule. The government also prevents their parents from obtaining …

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Born in Tbilisi (Georgia)

Georgia has seen the birth of S, daughter of M and J. Everything has gone perfectly and in the next few days little S will be discharged from hospital. Georgia is a good destination for parents who need to carry out a surrogacy process, with the advantage of the short stay necessary for parents to …

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We’re going back to Spain!

We have excellent news for two of our marriages. Finally, their babies have obtained Ukrainian citizenship, a step prior to obtaining a Ukrainian passport. The time spent in Ukraine ranges from 3.5 to 4 months, but in the end everything is achieved. Congratulations! In just a few weeks you will be at home with your …

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