Go4Baby is one of the leading surrogacy agencies in Ukraine and Georgia, with a first-rate team, led by an expert in international adoptions and document management.

Tatiana Kudriavtseva

Degree in Philology by Kyiv National Linguistic University. Tatiana speaks perfectly Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish, as well as having a high level of English and Italian. Tatiana’s professional experience for years has been linked to international adoption, dedicating herself to the preparation of documents, participation in courts, procedures in civil registry, notaries and public institutions.

Tatiana is the head of Go4Baby and the surrogacy programs in Ukraine and carrying out tasks such as the search for surrogate mothers, coordination of medical tests, processing of legal documents, assistance in the civil and consulate registration, etc. actively contributing to all processes run according to the criteria of requirement and quality of Go4Baby.

Oksana Kurylenko

Oksana is an engineer in Economics and International Management by Kyiv National Economic University, as well as having Fiscal Law degree by same University. She perfectly dominates Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Oksana is a fundamental part of our team, being responsible for the  logistics and customer services abroad. Among her tasks are the reception at the airport of future parents, medical interviews, visits to the maternity hospital and legal procedures. In addition, she has extensive experience in the care and support of parents in Ukraine and Georgia.

Anna Pilipets

Anna, graduated from the Faculty of Hispanic Philology at the Kiev National University of Taras Shevchenko, being a sworn translator and therefore being accredited to give legal validity to the translations made. She speaks fluent Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Anna is the person responsible for periodically assisting surrogate mothers in their different trips and stays in Kiev, collaborating so that they are cared for and attended throughout the whole process, being also the link between them and the intended parents.

Veronika Dikhtiar

Veronika has a degree in Translation and International Communication by Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and University of Cádiz. She speaks perfectly Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and English, and her experience at all times has gone through offering translation and interpretation services and attention to Spanish-speaking clients in Ukraine.

Veronika’s contribution is decisive for you to find yourself in Ukraine at home. She is a very responsible and sociable person, always paying maximum attention to the small details that will contribute to your feeling fully attended. Among her tasks are the reception at the airport, 24-hour emergency care, visits to the clinics or maternity hospital.

Maka Mebagishvili

Maka speaks English, Spanish, Georgian and Russian fluently. She has a degree in English Philology by Georgian Technical University, in addition to having obtained a diploma in Spanish through the University of Salamanca and a certificate in Business Ethics in Belgium.

Maka is primarily responsible for monitoring the process and coordinating programs in Tbilisi (Georgia), through the Chachava clinic, being kind and great communicator, so throughout your stay in Tbilisi you will find yourself very comfortable, always receiving excellent attention. Among her tasks are the reception at the airport, 24-hour emergency care and accompaniment in clinic and maternity.

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