The process of surrogacy

Surrogacy is a type of assisted reproduction process, through which the woman known as pregnant or surrogate mother will carry in her womb the child of another person or couple. We will advise you from beginning to end in each and every one of the stages, including those after birth.


Advice and Requirements

The requirements will vary depending on the country of destination chosen to carry out the surrogacy process.


First trip to the destination country

Once you have all the documents and medical tests, you will make a first trip to the destination country to sign the corresponding contracts and provide genetic material.

In Ukraine, Georgia, Czech Republic and Mexico you will have translation and interpretation services


IVF and pregnancy

The clinic will perform an in-vitro fertilization using the genetic material of the potential father and the eggs usually from an anonymous donor. Later, the clinic will select a prepared gestation to which the embryo transfer will be made.

If pregnancy is achieved, we will begin to carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the pregnancy and will periodically inform the intended parent(s) of the evolution.


Birth and Registration

Once the child is born, the registration will be made in the name of the intended parent(s).

In order for your baby to be able to travel home with you he or she must obtain Ukrainian, Georgian or Mexican citizenship. Therefore, we will make the necessary arrangements to obtain both the citizenship and the passport of the country.

When the birth is in the Czech Republic, the child will not need to obtain a passport, which will speed up your return home.


We're back home!

We have already returned home, but there are still a few steps to take before your child is registered in your country. In certain countries the following legal steps are necessary: