Our surrogacy agency in Ukraine offers programs with the best surrogate mothers, completely safe and with great advantages.

The legality of
surrogacy in Ukraine.

Ukraine is one of those countries where surrogacy, also known as surrogacy, is regulated by law and therefore completely legal. By contrast, most European countries do not accept surrogacy as an assisted reproductive treatment.

Reproductive medicine congresses are held every year in Ukraine, attended by international specialists. In Ukraine there are more than 25 private clinics that provide infertility treatments. These clinics are located in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and Dnipro, thanks to which more than 14,500 babies have been conceived.

Years of experience, fertility clinics and the responsibility of surrogate mothers have all contributed to Ukraine being a center for medical tourism. Couples from all over the world flock to this country for fertility and surrogacy treatments.

Who can carry out a surrogacy procedure in Ukraine?

Heterosexual marriages

All those heterosexual married couples whose wife is unable to achieve pregnancy or whose pregnancy may pose a risk to the mother or the fetus, may turn to Ukraine for surrogacy.

Heterosexual unmarried couples

Heterosexual unmarried couples cannot go to Ukraine to carry out a surrogacy procedure, even if the woman has a report proving her infertility.

Surrogacy for singles, single women or gay couples

Both single men and single women or same-sex couples will not be able to carry out a surrogacy procedure in Ukraine.

Requirements of a
surrogate mother in Ukraine.

The surrogate mother’s good health is vital to the success of the surrogacy process, which is why we take this very seriously. Therefore, we perform the strictest medical and psychological tests on the candidates before they can be part of a surrogacy program. These are the requirements for surrogate mothers:

  1. The surrogate must be Ukrainian.
  2. She must be between 18 and 36 years old.
  3. She must be the mother of at least one healthy child.
  4. She must have a positive Rh factor. Women with a negative Rh factor will not be admitted to the program due to possible incompatibilities during pregnancy.
  5. If she have had a previous cesarean delivery, more than 2 years must have passed since that delivery.
  6. Her lifestyle must be healthy and free of bad habits.
  7. She must pass a psychological report confirming that she is fully prepared to participate in the program.
  8. Absence of chronic diseases that may hinder the evolution of pregnancy or childbirth.

Surrogate Mother Database

In Go4Baby we have an extensive database of surrogate mothers who are candidates to be part of a program, prioritizing all those who have previously been part of a program.

Advantages of
surrogacy in Ukraine.

Among the advantages of surrogacy in Ukraine are excellent fertility clinics, such as the Victoria clinic in Kiev, with which Go4Baby collaborates, and a very explicit surrogacy legislation, but not only those:

Newborn registration

Shortly after birth the baby will be registered by the Civil Registry of Ukraine in the name of the intended parents, not showing the name of the pregnant woman on the birth certificate.

Rights of the parents and the surrogate

The rights of the intended parents and the surrogate mother are fully protected through a notarized agreement that also regulates the obligations of both parties. Once the birth has taken place, the surrogate does not acquire any rights over the newborn.

Top fertility clinics

Surrogacy programs are only performed in clinics or medical institutions accredited and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Fair remuneration to the surrogate mother

Surrogate mothers are paid between 15,000 and 20,000 euros, in addition to all medical expenses derived from the pregnancy.

Obtaining a passport or travel document

At the end of the process, the newborn will obtain Ukrainian citizenship or the nationality of the intended parents, and finally the passport through which he/she will be able to travel with his/her parents to the country of origin.

Programs and costs in Ukraine

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