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The legality of the
surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy in Georgia, as in Ukraine, has been fully legalized and regulated since 1997.

When starting a surrogacy process, the intended parents will sign a power of attorney in favor of the person designated by the agency to sign a valid surrogacy contract with the future surrogate on behalf of the parents, there is no court ruling for parental affiliation or maternal.

Article 143. Section b: Surrogacy is allowed in the cases where a woman does not have a uterus, with the purpose of achieving the evolution and growth of the embryo obtained as a result of its transfer to the uterus of another woman, called "pregnant woman".

Who can do a process in Georgia?

Heterosexual marriages

All those heterosexual couples who have been married for at least one year and whose wife is unable to achieve a pregnancy or such pregnancy may pose a risk to the mother or the fetus, may carry out a surrogacy process in Georgia.

Heterosexual unmarried couples

Since September 2020, heterosexual unmarried couples will not have access to a process in Georgia. For these couples there are the options of México, Colombia, Czech Republic and Greece.

Single men, single women or same-sex couples

In Georgia, singles and same-sex couples will not be able to carry out a process despite being married or even if the woman cannot carry out a pregnancy process. For single men or couples of boys we have programs in Mexico, Colombia y Czech Republic. For single women we have surrogacy programs available at Greece.

In Georgia the law requires that at least one of the two spouses contribute their genetic material, thus allowing the donation of sperm or eggs, but in practice it is essential that at least the man contributes his gametes, since generally in the country of the intentional father, a DNA test will be required through which paternity is recognized.

Registration in the Civil Registry
and obtaining the baby's passport

Shortly after the birth, the baby will be registered in the Georgian Civil Registry in the name of the intended parents, and that is why the surrogate mother will have no rights whatsoever over the newborn.

The next step will be to obtain a passport for the child so that the parents can return to their country with the baby.

Obtaining citizenship and passport.

In most cases, the baby will be registered through the consulate of the country of the intended parents, thus obtaining the nationality of at least the father. However, there are countries that refuse to register the baby, issuing in that case a certificate of refusal of registration, a document necessary for the newborn to obtain Georgian nationality and passport.

Advantages of
surrogacy in Georgia

Newborn registration

Shortly after medical discharge, the newborn will be registered in the name of the intended parents in the Georgian Civil Registry. The name of the surrogate mother will not be included in the birth certificate.

Possibility to meet the egg donor

In Georgia it is possible to meet the egg donor, as long as both the intended parents and the donor agree to it.

Rights of parents and surrogate mother

Both the intended parents and the surrogate mother will have rights and obligations agreed upon in a contract before a notary.

Birth in private hospital

The birth of the child takes place in a private hospital, which in many cases is the same hospital where fertility procedures are carried out, as is the case of the Zhordania clinic in Tbilisi.

Requirements of a
surrogate mother in Georgia.

Surrogates must comply with a series of very strict legal and medical requirements in order to offer the best guarantee of pregnancy..

  1. The surrogate must be between 18 and 35 years of age and must be the mother of at least one healthy child.
  2. The surrogate mother’s lifestyle must be healthy.
  3. The woman must pass a series of medical and psychological tests to ensure that she is prepared to carry a pregnancy with all the guarantees.

Programs and costs in Georgia

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