Accessing a surrogacy program for single men is possible, with Mexico City and the Czech Republic being the most economical alternatives. Both Ukraine and Georgia are not options since the requirements include being a heterosexual couple whose woman cannot gestate or the gestation could seriously affect her health or that of the fetus.

Advantages of Mexico City:

Mexico City does not have explicit legislation on surrogacy, but neither is there any prohibition for the processes to take place. Furthermore, from 2016 onwards there are many favourable rulings that guarantee the legality of the process.

From the agreement signed with the surrogate mother, a legal process is initiated that ends with the designation of manor in the name of the intended parents. Therefore, only the Intended Parent(s) will be the parent(s) of the newborn child.

The child will return with his or her parent(s) to his or her country of origin with a Mexican passport, since citizenship is obtained at birth in Mexico. The process will not take longer than 4 weeks. Later, the corresponding processes will be initiated in the country of the intended parents for the newborn to obtain their nationality.

Cost of the program:

The most economical programs in Mexico City cost $55,000, but we recommend the unlimited attempts programs with sex selection and accommodation on the last trip by $67,000.

Czech Republic advantages:

Surrogacy programmes in the Czech Republic fall under the heading of ‘Cross Border Surrogacy’, and this definition is based on the fact that the processes do not take place entirely in one country. The surrogate mother is a Ukrainian woman, the in-vitro fertilization takes place in Cyprus and the birth takes place in Prague. This is why most of the pregnancy takes place in Ukraine, but not the whole process.

Why does the process take place in 3 different countries?

Surrogacy in Ukraine is only contemplated for heterosexual couples whose woman cannot carry her own pregnancy, but nothing prevents intentional fathers from signing a surrogacy contract with a Ukrainian woman and both the marriage and the woman assert all their rights. On the other hand, Cyprus allows fertility treatments to both married and unmarried men and women.

Regarding Czech Republic, the country does not regulate but also does not prohibit the processes of subrogate management, and that is why the birth can take place in this country without any legal impediment. On the other hand, since we will be in Europe, we will not need a passport or travel document to return home with our baby.

Once in the country of origin of the intended parents, they will carry out the necessary legal processes so that the minor obtains his nationality.

Cost of the program:

The most economical programs in the Czech Republic cost 55,900 euros, although we recommend the unlimited trial programs with sex selection and accommodation for 61,900 euros.

Why Go4Baby?

Whether the process is carried out in Mexico City or in the Czech Republic, our clinics and agencies have the widest experience, which will guarantee that the processes are successful.

We have closed and limited programs so that your budget is not altered regardless of the incidents and contingencies that may occur throughout the process. In addition, we include pediatric services, legal services and transportation.

Father and daughter
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