The Rodynne Dzherelo Assisted Reproduction Clinic is a medical center that has a wide range of services in the field of assisted reproduction as well as a group of fully qualified professionals. The clinic has the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

Why choose Rodynne Dzherelo?

The Rodynne Dzherelo assisted reproduction clinic has as one of its fundamental principles patient care. Your different infertility treatments start from the simplest to the most complex.

Clinic guided by ethical and efficiency criteria

The Rodynne Dzherelo clinic offers patients additional procedures, diagnostic methods and system solutions that improve the effectiveness of treatment. Their work is always guided exclusively by ethical and efficiency criteria.

The emotional comfort of each patient is always taken care of, providing support from the first contact with the clinic and with the aim of reducing anxiety during the process.

We are experts in...

  • Diagnosis and treatment of infertility.
  • Auxiliary reproduction technologies.
  • IVF programs with own eggs or ovodonation.
  • Cryotechnology.
  • Genetic diagnosis of a patient, embryo and fetus.
  • Gynecology and monitoring of pregnancy.
  • Surrogacy programs.
  • Pathology of the cervix.

We succeed for...

  • The treatments in reproductive medicine.
  • Professionals with extensive experience.
  • An individual approach to each patient.
  • Its laboratory has the most advanced means.
  • The clinic has the ISO-9001 quality certificate.
  • The effective organization of the processes.
  • Extensive database of egg donors.
  • Fully fluid communication with the clinic.
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