The collet

Today it is time to talk about collet, a practice that used to be done in Western culture and which became obsolete, although it has recently been reintroduced by supporters of crianza con apego. Bedding is a practice in which the infant or toddler sleeps with at least one parent. It can be in the …

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Mother Kangaroo Method (MMC)

The mother-kangaroo method (MMC) originated in 1979 in Colombia, due to the lack of incubators and other material resources for newborns. Subsequently, numerous studies have shown that it is an effective method, not only for premature infants, but also for term newborns who, due to health problems, must remain in the neonatal units, thus separating …

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Use of mosquito repellents on children

Mosquitoes bite, they bite with great dissimulation… You will all remember the song and it is true that we never know when or where but we are bitten. The mosquitoes besides the annoying “granite” and as consequence the discomfort that it provokes in our children, also can be carriers of diverse illnesses and can cause …

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