México City

The program will take place in Mexico City, not in Tabasco or Sinaloa, where surrogacy is only permitted for local citizens. One of the great advantages of surrogacy in Mexico City is that it can be carried out by single men or gay couples.

Mexico City does not have any kind of legislation related to surrogacy processes, but during the last few years there have been court rulings in favor of the process, which makes it legal.

The contracts with the surrogate mother will be signed before a notary, culminating the process with a judicial sentence through which the child will obtain the filiation in the name of the parents of intention.

The baby will return to the country of the Intended Parent(s) with a Mexican passport, and it will be in the country of destination where a filiation process will be carried out so that the child obtains the nationality of his or her parent(s). He or she will return to Spain with a Mexican passport since in Mexico one obtains access to citizenship by birth.

Closed programs in México.

The fertility clinic has a wide experience and completely closed programs, with unlimited attempts until the baby is born.

We will soon give you more details…

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