All parents are left with the same face when they are told that their child has contagious molluscs, since they do not usually know them.

They are an infection of the skin caused by a virus, specifically by viruses of the poxvirus group, which cause small translucent and hemispherical papules similar to pearls, and are transmitted through rubbing or tearing.

When a child has it, it scratches itself, taking remains of the wart and the virus under its fingernails, so when it scratches another, it inoculates the virus.

Children with atopic skin are more prone to this type of infection.

Apparition of contagious molluscs:

Its appearance is more frequent in children from 2 to 11 years of age, and it can produce outbreaks in schools and nurseries. It is also common in adolescents and adults, with sexual transmission being the most predominant route of infection in this group.

It usually begins with a single wart, but it is frequent that, by scratching, more and more appear.

The infection usually occurs in summer, as the skin is more exposed.

The parents come to the consultation when they notice the lesions and see that weeks go by without them disappearing.

In the end the immune system ends up developing antibodies that eliminate the virus, disappearing the warts without leaving a mark, although this can take between 6 and 18 months. While this happens, in some cases dozens of warts may appear that can be quite annoying, especially in areas where they rub.


The simplest is the removal of the mollusk, is fast and effective, but painful.

  • Delete directly by curetage. A small blade that when passed over the skin eliminates the lesion.
  • Burn the lesion with cold or chemicals.

When there are many lesions, creams can be applied to try to reduce their number and then eliminate the few that remain by scraping or burning.

Either method leaves a less coloured signal on the skin that fades over time and acquires the same tone as the surrounding skin.

How to avoid them?

  • Keep skin properly hydrated.
  • Maintain the immune system in optimal conditions.
  • Do not share towels, clothes, or personal hygiene utensils.
  • Do not share pool material, churros, boards, bubbles, etc.

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