Today it is time to talk about collet, a practice that used to be done in Western culture and which became obsolete, although it has recently been reintroduced by supporters of crianza con apego.

Bedding is a practice in which the infant or toddler sleeps with at least one parent. It can be in the same bed or in a cot together.

If we do colecho we will have a series of advantages, but also a series of disadvantages when it comes to wanting our child to sleep alone, intimacy of the couple, etc.

The collegiate has defenders and also detractors, as there are studies that associate the collegiate with greater risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), trauma from falls …

On the other hand, it has multiple benefits:

  • Favors breastfeeding.
  • Help or thermoregulation of the baby.
  • Stimulates attachment and affective bonding.
  • Repaired and quieter sleep.
  • More cardiorespiratory stability and oxygenation.
  • Synchronized breathing.
  • Less crying and waking up.

How to make a safe collection?

  • Sleeping on flat and firm surfaces.
  • Never cover the baby’s head with blankets.
  • Don’t overwrap it.
  • Room temperature above 18 degrees.

Baby in supine position (face up).

  • Maternal position facing the baby with the body in the form of C preventing it from moving up or down

When to avoid it?

  • Extreme tiredness.
  • Consumption of tobacco, alcohol, drugs or sedative drugs.
  • Diseases affecting consciousness (epilepsy, etc.).
  • Premature babies, low birth weight.
  • Fever.

As I said before, colecho is an option for parents who want it as long as we respect the rules of safe colecho..

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