Last Thursday our little Manuela was two months old and it has been almost a month since we arrived in Seville from Kiev. We didn’t want to let another day go by, without thanking you again for everything, therefore, for taking us by the hand in this adventure, for giving us the joy of our life that day that a blood test with a very low beta became a heartbeat, for enduring our impatience in the days of ultrasound, for that call on Saturday 12 August at 9 am to tell us that our little girl had been born and that everything was fine.

I would like to thank again your team in the Ukraine…Anna for having us in these nine months in contact with our pregnant Elizabeth, our Ukrainian angel, Tatiana for her professionalism and the tranquillity that made us feel with all the bureaucratic procedures in Ukraine, and especially Alona, for always being there, for making us feel welcomed being so far from our home and our family.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us fulfill our dream!

Rocío, Ismael and Manuela!

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