Surrogacy has become one of the most innovative and safe alternatives for people with fertility problems who do not want to give up the illusion of having children.

Thanks to advances in science, the fact that some couples can no longer have children naturally is no longer an impediment to fulfilling their dream of having a family.

What is surrogacy?

This is a very effective solution that is normally used by couples who have exhausted other means of reproduction or who only have this resource to have children, as is the case of same-sex couples. The procedure is, in medical terms, very simple and consists only of transferring embryos to a third person with whom there is generally no genetic link.

These pregnant women give up their womb for the gestation of the foetus and, once this process is finished, the baby is given to its natural parents.

How do you access this type of service?

Our company is in charge of carrying out the whole procedure for a pregnant woman to be found in a country in which it is legal and there the gestation process is carried out. It is not, in any case, a complex procedure, but it is always necessary to bear in mind that it involves a large number of medical and legal aspects, so you will appreciate being able to count on our totally personalized advice.

At all times you will be in the hands of a team of highly qualified professionals who will keep you informed of the evolution of the process, ensuring the best results for you and your future child.

The development of gestation through Go4Baby is safe and effective. In a high percentage of cases as our company develops an important field work prior to the start of the surrogacy process.

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