Angela and Daniel are a Segovian couple who resorted to surrogacy to fulfill their dream, and are now totally unprotected by a government that prevents the filiation of their daughter, Lucia.

Our little girl gives us strength every morning to continue fighting for those rights to which she is entitled.

Daniel Barroso and his wife, Ángela López.
Parents trapped in Ukraine
Daniel and Angela with another couple in Kiev

This marriage has been in Ukraine since last day 12, being aware of the helplessness to which they are subjected by our current Government, which has given orders to the Spanish consulate in Kiev not to register newborns as Spaniards, despite being children of Spaniards.

The only solution is to carry out the necessary formalities so that the little one obtains Ukrainian nationality, can travel to Spain with her parents and here carry out a process of paternal filiation.

complete article in El Norte de Castilla…

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