Surrogacy in prestigious clinics.

As we commented, in this year 2019, and after 5 years of walking, we put in march definitively our line of programs TenBabies. These programs are 100% controlled through our team in Ukraine, with programs totally controlled by our own team and permanent in Ukraine, maintaining our line of programs in Georgia with some interesting novelty such as having programs completely closed and without contingencies.

Exclusive programs in Ukraine.

For those couples who want total transparency and to whom we can guarantee complete control from beginning to end of the surrogacy process, our exclusive programs are ideal for it. From the search for the pregnant woman to the control of the pregnancy is carried out exclusively by our staff in Ukraine.

Both in vitro fertilization and medical and pregnancy tests for pregnant women are performed in the most prestigious clinics with the highest success rate. On the other hand, the process is much more transparent and dynamic, as we have 100% of the information about it.

Total transparency in the process.

Future parents often wish to be informed in detail of their process (dates of donor stimulation, beginning of the period of the pregnant woman, quality of the embryos, etc.). The process is carried out directly by our staff in Kiev, and therefore we can answer all these questions to ensure that the process does not become endless and full of uncertainties.

On the other hand, both pregnant women and expectant parents will have the right to contact them directly if both parties agree.

We maintain our line of programs in Georgia.

Georgia is a great alternative to perform a surrogacy process, we maintain our firm decision to continue collaborating with the best agencies and clinics in this country, always keeping as a priority the transparency in the process and the high success rates of the clinics with which we work.

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