Female Infertility

La infertilidad en las mujeres es la imposibilidad de concebir durante un año tras introducirse en los órganos sexuales femeninos espermatozoides activos y vivos, sea por medios naturales o artificiales. Se diagnostica la infertilidad también en los casos en los que todo embarazo termina con un aborto espontáneo. El problema de la infertilidad se ha …

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Testimony of Ana and Juan

We were extremely happy to hear about the result of our beta. A few years ago we couldn’t imagine that in life there are opportunities as wonderful as the ones we are living. Behind all this adventure there are incredible people, who accompany you at all times. We are enormously grateful to Go4Baby.

Mother is not the one who gives birth, but the one who breeds

“Kids need happy moms, not teat moms.” The psychologist and spokeswoman for the Associació Balear d´Alletament Matern (ABAM), Thaïs Puig, defends that babies and children “need happy mothers, not mothers who give teat”. “It is preferable to breastfeed less time and enjoy it than to force a breastfeeding that is not enjoyed, because the message …

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The collet

Today it is time to talk about collet, a practice that used to be done in Western culture and which became obsolete, although it has recently been reintroduced by supporters of crianza con apego. Bedding is a practice in which the infant or toddler sleeps with at least one parent. It can be in the …

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Mother Kangaroo Method (MMC)

The mother-kangaroo method (MMC) originated in 1979 in Colombia, due to the lack of incubators and other material resources for newborns. Subsequently, numerous studies have shown that it is an effective method, not only for premature infants, but also for term newborns who, due to health problems, must remain in the neonatal units, thus separating …

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Happy New Year 2018

The year 2017 has been full of surprises. This month of December has been especially magical as a large number of babies have been born, 21 in total. We send a hug to all our families, who are waiting in Kiev for their return home. Today, the last day of the year, we would like …

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Christmas in Ukraine

Despite the fact that our Christmas holidays have just ended, in Ukraine the holiday continues. Yesterday January 6 was Christmas Eve, which is also known as “Sviatá Vecheria” (The Holy Supper), in which one of the typical dishes is the “Kutiá”, which is traditionally made of grains of boiled wheat, accompanied by poppy seeds and …

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